“Driven by passion about what I do”

Iona Pergo is New Media Artist specializing in Electronic Art, Culture Digital and New Media Curatorship & Cultural Producer of Technologies of Positive Social Impact. She has collaborated in its work as an artist or cultural producer in the Media Centre d’Art and Design-MECAD (Spain), Bauhaus University (Germany), Sesi-SP (Brazil), Puertas de Castilla Cultural Center, etc.

She created her own interactive software that use to the sound experimentation live. She explores the sound possibilities of electromagnetic waves, nanosounds, rhythmic patterns of our common environment… and then uses them to build sound landscapes.

Developing projects with marked experimental, audiovisual, sound, interactive and performative character; exploring the creative possibilities of the symbiotic union of four areas: Art-Culture / Science / Technology / Social Impact.

Keywords: Electronic Art / Electronic Music / ZombieMedia / Circuit Bending / Gamification/ Soundscape / Glitching / Interactive Systems/ Artivist Fashion / Digital Art Direction / Audiovisual Creations/ Vjing / Dj/ Maker Culture/ Social Impact/

Festivals: WoW Miden Festival, Play Show, Stripart Festival, Oir Arte Festival,etc

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