Vital Tranzfer [Art + Science + Landscape]

Artist selected to be part of the”Sound Matter Murcia” promoted by the Puertas de Castilla Cultural Center (Murcia) on the occasion of the inauguration of the Sound Archive of Experimental Music and Sound Art [SOMN] with the sound artist Francisco López. Center: Puertas de Castilla Cultural Center.  Her work in vital tranzfer explores sounds of electromagnetic frequencies increasingly frequent in our society, building a soundscape of interferences. Visually makes her own programmed real-time interaction tool, in which it pays special attention to the images of the roofs of cities where mobile antennas and electric lines are placed. She use them deforming them, deconstructing the tangible and dematerializing it as if of a frequency Abstract. Making visible the invisible and invisible the visible. A struggle to “make see”. Date: 2011.

Keyword: Glicht Art, Performance, Videoart and Soundscape.

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