AR/MR Experiences

Collaborating Artist, Creation Tool Designer and Official Content Creator of augmented reality (AR) / mixed reality (MR) interactive experiences for Kluest Platform-Metaverse. Experiences created with different settings (medieval, futuristic, fantastic, realistic, etc) and in-world game mechanics (puzzle, battle, etc.) aligned specially with the interests and characteristics of the interest millennial generation and Gen Z and generating well-being (physical, psychological and social) in them.

These AR / MR experiences are created for different purposes: entertainment, educational, cultural, touristic, etc. and can be designed entirely in digital mode or be combined with physical performers / actors and transmedia storytelling actions.The formats are very variable such as pervasive games of treasure hunts, adventures, art galleries, etc. through self-guided routes in urban and peri-urban environment. They have been carried out for public and private entities. Some of them:

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