Art & Nature – Artist in “Black Hole” Show / Residency

Artist invited for a “Black Holes” artist Residence (April-May of 2015) in Negra Center (center of research and contemporary artistic). The artwork based on digital translations of the natural landscape of Blanca town in Murcia (Spain).

The artistic research work explored in a multidisciplinary way the hybridization between physical and digital nature, creating digital landscapes that want to approach the natural world from a digital minimalism and glitch aesthetic.

Some frames of the visual artwork created for the live performance:

Sound was explored with glicht technique and synthetic voices in various languages with texts that appealed to a digital emotionality that asks to be returned to its home.

Below Performing Art for closing Performance of the “Black Holes” Residency for Negra Center:

Piece Mountain in the Negra Center on which was projected the visual artwork:


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