Cultural Rhythmic Patterns – NC/NO #1

Live Interactive Performance that is part of a series that explore the construction of sounds and rhythmic patterns from electromechanical devices that are activated and deactivated using data related with Culture.

The expression [NC/NO] is referred to the logical variation of commutation circuits that open or close a contact establishing two modes Normally Opened (NO) or Normally Closed (NC). When these devices are closed (inactive) they show a closed cultural center and when they are opened (active) they connect giving sound and visualization to the trajectory of 8 Cultural Centers active/inactive in Murcia Region during 2008-2012. This work emphasizes the actual situation of cultural unsustainability and the need of questioning how to reactivate inactive cultural centers, such as some libraries, that are being demanded constantly by the citizens.

This artwork was showed at “Listen Art” Festival, Madrid, 2012.

keywords: Artivism, Electronic Art, Electronic Devices, Databases, Arduino and PureData Creative software.


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