Playful Social Interfaces Workshops [Cultural Event]

Cultural and Social Event to play with interface for urban reinventation. During these workshops Jordi Claramonte (Tabacalera CSA) & Iona Pergo rethought the “ways of ding culture” and the Cultural Sustainability in the crisis context. Auto-management possibilities and Collective Cultural creation were taught. For these workshops we design playful interfaces in the way of deck of cards based on pattern languages / structural methods to define good practices of design in a particular area. They allowed the participants to rethink which are the real cultural needs of the citizenship, the context in which they are found, the possibilities of the collective cultural creation and the strategies of action and implication. Center: New media-CAMON Center. Date: 2012.

Playful-WORk_960x640_TEXT_1Playful-WORk_960x640_TEXT_1_1 Playful-WORk_960x640_TEXT_1_2


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